CSNF: In Scope / Out of Scope


  • The focus of initial iterations is on data in the Security space. Other domains (e.g., operational monitoring) may be addressed in the future.
  • Need to think of cloud services from the context of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and focus on data from Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).
  • CSPs include not only Cloud Providers like Azure, Amazon, Google, but also security solutions / services from Symantec, Microsoft Defender for ATP, etc.
  • The initial effort is scoped to documenting the common taxonomy.
  • Format of the taxonomy is scoped to json or others (Syslog, CEF)? [Where do we get the broadest market adoption- can we be format agnostic?]

Out of Scope

  • The specific technology as to how do these CSPs protect security perimeter.
  • Security Solutions not protecting cloud workloads.
  • Updating CSPs to include the common taxonomy is not in scope. [CSPs can update at their own pace as needed at least foundational elements]
  • Potential future scope –Tooling for compliance certification to the published taxonomy

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